King Hippy Manifesto
All individuals who are invited to participate in KingHippy will also be required to understand that KingHippy is an outfit that has evolved and formed naturally over time between its founders David Punshon and David Sye.
    In honour of the many creative giants who pioneered and gave birth to a period of social change and transition, which brought forth a whole new era of consciousness and individual human expression that had previously only existed throughout within isolated and often persecuted pockets of bohemian free thinkers...
    Honouring the spirits of individuals such as Arlo Guthrie, Leon Russell, Jimi Hendrix, Jack Karoack, Miles Davis, Timothy Leary,  KingHippys intention is to act as a vortex of vital creativity devoted through sound and vision to exploring the limitless possibilities of expanded and heightened human consciousness and creativity and to support and action the spread of this evolution as a Zeitgeist throughout all of Human kind…
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